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Is it my world? Andrea Belfi in Prato

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Inside the SpazioK in Prato, in the context it is my world? Andrea Belfi meeting, class ’79, electro-acoustic musician and composer Italian. Andrea Belfi studied art in Milan and, since 2000, gradually allows oneself to be involved in experimental music. He currently lives and works in Berlin. Still Life is the title of his latest solo album: a suspense of drones floating, perfect mix of electronic and acoustic.

Organized by Kinkaleri, is it my world? It is a narrative, a cultural and creative where they develop art forms. On the portal of Kinkaleri we read: We do not want to tell stories or at least not any more than we want to transmit information. It is, therefore, to know, to know, to keep the doors open. Ask yourself what makes us look and think.


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