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Monteriggioni, medieval traditions in Tuscany

Poggio Pratelli

In Monteriggioni seems that time has stood still inside and outside its walls, the people has changed but still is revived every year moments of history and traditions The organization is edited by the AD 1213 artistic director Eraldo Ammannati, the “theater” in which the festival takes place is a medieval town populated by craftsmen and armed XIII and XIV secolo.Questo reconstructive framework is composed of experts in occupations that recall, blacksmiths, potters, correggiai, carpenters, carvers, dyers, Speziari, cooks etc., located in the Piazza Roma, scattered in some ways, and especially in May 1 Square in the clearing and final of Via Matteotti.


The first weekend is dedicated to the setting of a medieval world where prevail aspects of the sacred with attention to the music and spirituality; even some specific trades provide the sign of the topics covered; makers, carvers, painters of devotional images, stalls relics, poets and singers.

The afternoon unfolds in this situation to normal life and with the coming of night they get up the sound with special performances designed to the theme addressed.


The administration of Monteriggioni in the person of its mayor Raffella Senesi, has as its daily commitment to enhance its heritage that extends from the territory, art and tourism.

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