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The historical shops, the value of Florence

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The exercises are part of the historical heritage of our city and our region, are an asset unique and unrepeatable. Gold and silver, basketry, feathers, stone, ceramics, leather, all rigorously worked with the expert hands of Florentine artisans always, for generations, this is the unique value and strongest of Historical Shops Florentine.

In the word Florence collects all the essence of the craftsman, its tradition is still alive in its streets, Florence is also unexpectedly enter the magical world of making and creating, and have the opportunity to meet with their own eyes and their own hands ancient techniques that have always been his pride.

Small workshops, places where the tradition is kept close to the reality of research and innovation in materials and shapes. Besides that, its gastronomic culture and culinary. Popular dishes but able to be enchanted by the simplicity and authenticity of the ingredients

The value of Historical Shops Florentine will be told in the next video of Just Beautiful

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